The Journey Begins


I am glad to see you here. You are with me at the very special moment. It’s a time where
I have decided to explore more of the virtual world to share my experience from the real one (although the question is which one is more real right now? 🙂 ).

This place is to share my experience, concerns and thoughts related to my travels,
so please feel free to join me with my adventure!

How has it begun? 

Since I was a young kid, my family and I were travelling a lot. Usually across my country, but when there was a chance, we were visiting also our neighbours. Well, to be frank, that was such an ordinary thing for me, never taken much under consideration –
just a standard family habit. But, yeah I was a kid at that time, with no specific expectations :).

Hey, but you are not a kid for your whole life, right? There is a moment when many of us are leaving their home to meet the world. In my case, that was my student life. Changing your city, meeting new people and learning new things is super exciting, but this change can show that something that was just a standard for us, it is not a standard anymore. Yeah,
I am speaking about a student life, where you need to care about everything by yourself. Your expenses are growing faster than your money, every next decision is harder to make than the previous one ( go to this first lecture or maybe sleep longer after the last night meeting ?) – just a real snowball effect! Of course, I caricature a little, but the point is that in that specific moment, I realised that travels are something I really need in my life. And I really missed at that time.

To quote *Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist – And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve that – my universe really focused on helping me and introduced me to low budget travels that allowed me also better understand local specifics than if I would travel via regular travel agents. This also gave me more satisfaction and pushed me to travel more just this way. So I have started visiting different countries, living from one trip to another, collecting memories just for my own.

When I started one of my corporate jobs (yeah, I am a corporate rat on a daily basis :D), I’ve met a guy, who showed me that sharing your experience via photography can be also lots of fun. He is also deeply bonded with different social media tools, so I started learning it too, sharing my first pictures on Facebook, then on Instagram. Some of my pictures, you will see also on my blog, as I feel they will better reflect the world seen through my eyes than, maybe with better quality, but still random photos from stocks.

Coming back to the main topic of this article –  how did I end up here?

For a long time, I was focusing on sharing my experience and photos on Instagram. Unfortunately, due to some limitations of this tool, I felt I could not fully shape my content, so searching for something more flexible, I decided to try with my own blog.

And here I am :).

So what’s now?

Let’s start with weekly meetings – each Sunday, I am going to share with you something new. For the first few weeks, I will be more focus on Japan as this is the most recent place I have visited, and also the place that will be visited by me soon again ( I am in a deep love with this country 🙂 ). Anyway, don’t worry about a monotony – with the blog development, I want to share also my stories from other countries as well as from my own – from Poland.

In a meantime, please feel free to check out also my Instagram profile, where you can find interesting spots and travel tips from my recent trips.

Wow, my first post is live! So now will be only easier, right? 😀

* I’m getting better with the Internet, ain’t I? Don’t worry, I am not a big fan of fancy quotes so you won’t see them a lot in my posts 😉 It just for my warm-up 😀

Don’t listen what they say. Go see. — Chinese proverb


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