To travel or not to travel?

Well, I guess the answer on the above question is pretty simple – if you found my blog, most likely you have already chosen the first option. And you know what? That was a trap! The true question is – why do you travel? Now things are going more complicated, aren’t they?

Each of us will have totally different motivations – someone just needs to take a rest in a luxury spa, another one wants to see something new, observe a daily life of locals, and there will be also people, who just seek for few additional likes in social media. And this is totally fine! There are no bad, shaming reasons why we are doing what we are doing. Who doesn’t like to be admired, or relaxed, or see something unusual? For sure, I do like all of them from time to time. Unfortunately, I have also noticed that many people try to hide their real motivations, saying ‘Traveling makes me a better person‘ – Damn Karl, how this Starbucks’s coffee, just posted on your Instagram, made you a better person? To clarify, I have nothing to Karl, but just let’s be honest… How can we really enjoy our trips, if we still need to pretend something? This is my very first, pro tip posted on this blog – let’s have some fun! Doesn’t matter what it will be, just fully enjoy your trip 😀

I know, so far no concretes, just me, talking, outside the timeframe I agreed in my first post. That can be painful, but I promise will be better! Just in my next post, I am going to give you some real travel tips! Next time, I will be talking about staying overnight at airports, so stay tuned :D. 

When it comes to the timeframe – agreeing one post per week, the dumb me totally forgot that I love talking, so why could be different with writing? I don’t really know what I had in my mind at that time :(. So, from now on, I decided that will be two days per week – Wednesdays and Sundays, and then we shall see :D. 

And coming back to the main title – Travel is always the answer!

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