‘Paris syndrome’ or rather everyday small disappointments

Let’s start with a small confession – I’ve never been to Paris – and this is how I could finish my today’s post, but it’s not that easy. Are you disappointed? Good, after all, we are going to talk about disappointments today.

I think, most of us are used to accepting that not everything in our life is as we expected (if not, you are such a lucky beast!) – our job, relations with people, everyday life looks different than we have planned. However, what about our dreamed travels? Destinations that we always wanted to see? Are they always the same as their picture in your head? Again, if you answered ‘yes’ on my last questions, you are really lucky… or well prepared ;). Unfortunately, there are still people, who are experiencing a collapse visiting Paris, meeting Mona Lisa or staying in front of Acropolis (yes, I am talking about you, you sneaky Parthenon, who destroyed my childhood dreams – I will surely come back to you in the future – as for now, you are safe).

Well, let’s be honest, maybe I haven’t suffered a complete breakdown, but simply saying
I felt cheated. In a short while, all scenes from movies, TV programs, colourful tourist guides disappeared to show me a crowded hill with no options to enter inside the ruins and… right, I was supposed to leave it for another topic. You must know, that this dirty, little liar – Parthenon, wasn’t the only one, who betrayed me. Oh, no, there was one bigger guy, who totally changed my point of view. And his name was – Dome of the Rock, an amazing temple located in the heart of Jerusalem, or at least, that’s what I thought. Watching different movies, I was assured that its golden roof is seeing with each part of the Jerusalem or though from each part of Jerusalem’s Old Town. I was expecting an enormous building, dominating the city’s panorama. For some of you, my expectations can seem ridiculous but don’t judge me, I came from a smaller, Polish city, called Częstochowa, where we have one, pretty popular monument – Jasna Góra Monastery, and its tower can be seen from almost every part of the city. Can we treat this as an explanation for my expectations? Thank you :D!

Why am I citing these stories? I want to show you that travel disappointments are not always that drastic as the ‘Paris syndrome’ – most often, we don’t need a doctor’s assistance nor a therapist. However, they always hurt. When we are planning to see a specific place, most likely we will see a little bit beefed up photos, videos in an amazing quality, colourful folders that are just supposed to attract new visitors. The case seems not good, but what this article would be for if I would not have any tips!

  1. Just don’t laugh – before you decide to visit a specific place, make a walk on Google Maps (necessarily using satellite view and the yellow dude) to see how looks its neighbourhood.
  2. I know, I am repeating now the tip from my previous text, but it’s also useful – watch vlogs of people, who are in this specific place or just find a video with a walk across the area you are interested in.
  3. If you want to see a specific attraction, read opinions on the Internet ( for example on Trip Advisor). Don’t allow them to create your final opinion before you visit this place, but just gather some insight about it.

You have already been there and you are disappointed? Just take it as it is! Remember, there is always something you can take (please, just don’t literally) from each place you have visited. Some interesting observations, thoughts, stories, more creative photos… Really, there is always something! And if you are mean enough, you will show your friends amazing photos, taken from the favourable perspective, tell the story about the trip of your li(f)e and then will be observing how they are meeting the reality. Oh, how cruel of you!

32 thoughts on “‘Paris syndrome’ or rather everyday small disappointments

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I am so glad you like my post and when it comes to travels – yes, I believe this is one of best practice to avoid disappointments 🙂

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    1. This syndrome usually can be found among Japanese tourists visiting France’s capital city and it’s qualified as a medical problem. From my perspective very interesting case 😉

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    1. I guess it depends on the person. I love travelling and usually, I am happy with the destinations, now even more when just do not expect the ‘wow effect’ 😉


  1. I think that when you travel you should rather be grateful that you have had the chance to see a place than get disappointed that it’s not like in movies. Try to appreciate it for what it is and what its role has been in history and see over your disappointment.


    1. You have a point, I agree. However, I believe that it’s hard to go anywhere without any expectations. Especially, when you spent a lot of time planning, dreaming and collecting money for this trip. Therefore, I have mentioned a couple of options that can help to be better prepared for visiting popular places 😉


  2. Of course, places don’t always look as they do in some pictures. A lot of things don’t always look the same. Most food people buy does not look like pictures of it. Additionally, going to new places is more than just how it looks. It should be about the experience of learning new thing, different cultures, food, and meeting new people.


  3. I must admit I’m a little surprised it’s called ‚Paris’ syndrome, because my experience in Paris is far from disappointing. Having said that I have visited places where I thought was a complete waste of time such as the Vatican City. I think using Google street view before visiting a place is a great idea.

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  4. Totally love it 🙂 You are right what we see of places in pictures is not always what we get to see 🙂 I have been to Paris recently! I saw some pictures of folks on instagram and was wondering if they been to the same Paris I went to 🙂
    I mean i loved the Paris I saw too.. but just thinking!

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