Selfiestic World

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” – then who?!

In the past would be really easy to answer this question. You would just ask about that
a magic mirror… but now? We need to use not only these traditional tools but also additional support like Instagram, Facebook, Musically, and many other social platforms to get the final response. And even then this is not the easiest way – judges are fickle, all the time they are changing their opinions, expecting more and more from all petitioners. Wretches are searching for new perspectives, new places, where their beauty can be confirmed until kingdom come.

Luckily, every day arising new interesting spots, where we are able to take a good shot even during unfavourable weather. Not only their interiors help us to obtain more likes, but also drinks and food offering there seems to be more photogenic. Tasty cheesecake with a rosy wall behind your back, aromatic tea in an enormous chair, colourful drink in dangerous, cyberpunk bar- everything can be available in one click if you know where to look for or you are following people who know that. Just check their tags and you know where you will eat your next lunch ;).

But wait for a second – I stared ironically as usual, anyway here is a place for some explanation. I am not against fancy places – quite the contrary – this is amazing, that current selfie culture convinced owners of cafes, bars and restaurants to care more about the ambience created in their premises. Of course, it’s amazing to take a rest from daily life and from reality.

My only one concern is to find out if this photo trend is more for mirror support to answer on who is the best or maybe the real reason is totally different. Maybe this story is not about the queens, but about Alice, who used the mirror to find her Wonderland once again. Following this option, photos taken in such spots would be creating and keeping this part of the temporary magic. And of course, helping to share it with others :). Being honest, this idea is not that bad as it can see from the very beginning. After all, a good framed picture can totally change the way how we see the specific part of the reality and to spice it out.

To sum up – the question is – why we are taking photos of ourselves in such places. Do we want to be Alice or we are just the Evil Queen?

Is there anyone really cares? Let’s just grab some nice food!

16 thoughts on “Selfiestic World

  1. I agree that taking selfies in every place you go really gets very boring after a while. It’s a bit different if you are travelling and you want to share somewhere really special or different, but everyday things seem to be a bit of wasted time.


  2. Yeah it’s so crazy with all social platforms now, and us all being on there like ” hey hey hey see meee!”. But then again, I do it as well 😉


  3. That is a good question. I do love taking picture of me in places, and of places and of memorable little details that I would other wise forget if I didn’t photograph. I have grown to learn to take more pics of myself- to let my readers know who I am, but I would prefer to share pics of the experience, the actual food/place/activity!


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