The story about true love

Many content creators prepare something special for events like Valentine’s Day. I was not supposed to be one of them as this is not my cup of tea. Of course, I could write an article about love to travels, love to food or make this blog more personal and share with you story about first love. Or choose any other ridiculous topic just to fit in this trend. Anyway, I didn’t plan it, but sometimes it comes to you and then you know, you have no choice just to publish it.

Ladies and Gentlemen – this is the true story about love!

Probably you know this feeling, if not from your personal life then from movies, when totally unexpectedly in your life appears ‘it’. In the beginning, you don’t understand what happened, this totally surprised you. The only one thing you know for sure it that you feel better, your heart is just crazy, you can’t control it. Your thoughts are focus only on one thing, you are smiling just thinking about ‘it‘… And then, after some time you finally understand what happened – this supermarket next to your office really opened an Asian department! All those goods from Japan, Vietnam, India, Thailand… and the prices, so affordable – it’s just like a dream! Here I have everything I could only dream about and waiting until my next travel. Like literally EVERYTHING! That was an amazing feeling, the true love from the first sight. I was giving it my whole attention, we were spending together time after my work, enjoying it and planning next culinary adventures.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.

My memories about that day are still fresh, just as it would happen two days ago – well actually it did happen two days ago, but it doesn’t matter now. What is important, that’s my broken heart. Like in a couple of last days, I’ve finished my work as scheduled. Quickly took a last look at unread e-mails made sure they can wait until the next day, I closed my laptop and put it to my locker (well that’s our security procedures, nothing to judge on). Then wore my coat and I left the office rapidly. I knew I wanted only one thing – ramen pasta, the same I got used to in Japan. The one that was accompanying me during my very first, East Asia’s trip. I strode confidently while I have noticed something has changed… Something was not right. Golden-red banners disappeared, there was no trace of beautiful lanterns… I was shocked, just couldn’t believe that this happened to me. It was always happening to someone else, but never to me. The whole Asian Market was replaced! Instead of shelves with mochi, miso, curry, shrimps… cheapo hearts and teddy bears everywhere. That couldn’t be true! After all, proud, Asian tiger couldn’t lose with the small, fat boy, who for some reason got a pair of wings and a bow. But that was the reality I couldn’t deal with.

People are handling with trauma in different ways. Some of them are just becoming cold and closed, some of them trying to engage in activities that allow them to forget, and I’ve decided to find something will resemble me at least a part of this feeling when we were together. Scrolling my Facebook newsfeed, I found a post from my favourite ramen restaurant. My first thought – ‘that can be a good idea, I will go there’ – but that was a really short while. The founded post was to inform all fans that the restaurant is already fully booked for Valentine’s Day. Really guys?! Is there nothing more romantic than mutual slurping?! Oh, come on!

At this place, I would like to ask all of you for a big favour. Please try to love each other in a whole year so you won’t need to overcompensate everything in one day. I believe that will have a positive result for all of us – you won’t be under pressure to do something special in this specific, overpriced day (deadlines are terrifying and nobody likes them – sorry deadlines, I shouldn’t say that in this special day, but truth is the truth and there is nothing we can do about that), and people like me will be still able to find a seat in their favourite ramen place. See? Profits for everyone!

18 thoughts on “The story about true love

  1. I am so sorry to hear what happened to the Asian market. Yes, I agree, nothing lasts forever but If one door closed another one will open for us, Nothing stays forever but there are a lot of opportunities,


  2. This is such an important reminder to all of us. I know how traumatizing the situation, But remember, everything happened for a reason.


  3. This is such a nice love story, it’s like in the movie where two people meet in the unexpected place. Thank you for sharing your love to us, we hope to hear many more stories from you to be inspired.


  4. I think Valentine’s Day is just a nice reminder to hold the ones you love close. SHould we be doing it all year and showing them how much we love them all year? OF COURSE! But life can be hard sometimes. We don’t always manage to live up to this. I think it’s nice to have special occasions remind us of what’s really important.


  5. Thank you for sharing this message. I’m sure everyone can find a similar situation in their life and relate to what you went through with the Asian market.


  6. So sorry about the Asian market and the ramen restaurant.. Maybe just cook something special that is both your favorite. Anything with effort will be appreciated..

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