Ramen for dummies

Well, the title is not maybe the most sophisticated I could create to attract your attention, but what to say more… Today’s article will be just fully focused on this amazing dish – nothing more nothing less.

Right, the introduction is not fancy as well, but it doesn’t matter, let’s just immerse ourselves into ramen!

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日本へようこそ – Nihon e yōkoso!

I know, I know, the blog originally dedicated to travels and long time no travel-related posts. What is supposed to be that?! Well, taking it under consideration, I’ve made a serious resolution to bring here more life and to add a whole articles series regarding my favourite country – Japan! From today, every Sunday you will be able to find some information about Nippon/ Nihon ;). Of course, in the future, I am planning to share also more information about other places I have visited so far :).

But coming back to the essence – Let’s start knowing Japan better together!

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