Ramen for dummies

Well, the title is not maybe the most sophisticated I could create to attract your attention, but what to say more… Today’s article will be just fully focused on this amazing dish – nothing more nothing less.

Right, the introduction is not fancy as well, but it doesn’t matter, let’s just immerse ourselves into ramen!

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日本へようこそ – Nihon e yōkoso!

I know, I know, the blog originally dedicated to travels and long time no travel-related posts. What is supposed to be that?! Well, taking it under consideration, I’ve made a serious resolution to bring here more life and to add a whole articles series regarding my favourite country – Japan! From today, every Sunday you will be able to find some information about Nippon/ Nihon ;). Of course, in the future, I am planning to share also more information about other places I have visited so far :).

But coming back to the essence – Let’s start knowing Japan better together!

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Worldwide tour across Tokyo

Have you ever dreamed about travelling worldwide, but your wallet constantly declining your request? Well, we all know they are heartless bastards pushing us to do things we are not really up to. I’ve even heard that there are crazy people ready to spend over eight hours in glassy buildings, just to avoid the void looking at them from the darkness of the pocket world.

Maybe your story is different. Everyday brushing your teeth you scroll Instagram just to see that Karen is again in a fancy place, and most likely you will be doomed to listen about how valuable her travels are during Saturday beer with friends. Maybe it’s time to bring her down a peg.

Or maybe there are any other motivations… In any case, let’s start the tour and see how Tokyo can help us with the worldwide experience! 

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Night at the airport – how to survive?

Have you ever noticed that cheap flights are often scheduled for ver early mornings or late nights? What do you do in such situations?

For me, one of the options is staying overnight at the specific airport, especially when I am going to be really late (about midnight) and there is no public transport to my booked accommodation at that time or I cannot check in such late.  I agree it’s not the most pleasant night, but desperate times call for desperate measures ;).

Ok, so we have just made this tough decision, we are staying here. What now? Or rather what we should do/ know prior to arriving at this place? Well, I have read somewhere, people prefer lists with the most important points rather than a block of text, so just let’s take a look at the below checklist if you want to learn more about it 🙂

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